Hi my names Sallie May I'm the leader of Cartax we've completed an amazing achievement. there has been this guy harassing us and saying his server was better and he was trying to nuke my server his name is Brimstonemage or (Sentient-Sword)   he has been trying to turn my friends and innocents to make us sound bad us he's racist, homophobic and acts like a child so we wiped his server. I would like to thank these people couldn't have done it with out them

{ The Leader } -  Sallie May

{ Bot Coder } - Banaballa 

{ Fake Nukers} - Camo-Monke, Calamity

{ "Cartax Nuking Staff" } - Birb, Lancer, Briana-Seagrape

{ Cartax Clan } - King Cushion, LQ, BabyTank, Elly, Mr TGM, Zombi

After this 11 months of this on going situation I'm quitting discord for about 5 months because I need a break from arguing its just Keep The Server Safe Lqndon and Thanks For Everything You've Done For Me 

Long Live Cartax 🫡



Threat Against Members

Lying About Zephales

Threating me

The Harrasment Ensues

Turning Zephales Staff Against Him

It Never Was Over

His Tricks Wont Work This Time

Account Viewing

His Alt Account

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

Do not text or harass people involved in this server nuking or the person

that got nuked its done its over just let it go M,kay.

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